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Ingredients to Develop

The Right Vocal Attitude

 A Menu to Feed the Vocal Mind

 by Jesús Quiñones Ledesma

July, 2001




Jesús Quiñones Ledesma and Apollo Granforte

·       Preface

·       Points to Consider

·       The Right Attitude

·       Things to Review


For years I've been conscious of the basic problems that affect the learning vocal process of many talented voices. That's how I decided to write this important contribution for singers. I studied in Italy with the late famous baritone Apollo Granforte, who was my mentor and powerful intellectual resource. This work is part of my eternal gratefulness and I wish it to be a dedication to his memory.


Voice learning depends mostly on a strong mental concept: to build a positive psychological attitude to approach the vocal technique. I emphasize in how good teachers can become real experts in the area of attitude change and its impact in the ability to achieve the best technical preparation.  In my opinion there is always an answer to any vocal problems related to attitude. A solution is important to stabilize any situation between a student and a teacher. It's specifically a great need to reshape the facts and put them once more together. It is evident there has to be reasons to find a solution to the vocal problems. If teacher and pupil have been feeling uncomfortable with each other and lack of understanding and disbelief are part of the situation, then they have to find a solution that clarifies the whole learning mess. There is always some sort of friction that tries to break the sense of trust and mutual belief in two individuals. This should never happen if they agree to keep the best attitude on top of every situation. It's the only way they can stay on top of the vocal studies. They will eventually start to regain stability and trust to continue working together since that moment.

© Copyright 2001 Jesús Quiñones Ledesma