Virtual  Voice Seminar
Bel Canto
Vinyl  Record 1964
Audio Recordings
        Trovatore 1973
        Otello 1976
         Pagliacci 1977
         Il Tabarro 1978
         Aida 1984
         Carnegie Hall 1982
         WIPR  TV - APTEL 1985
         Camaras Legislativa 1987
         Casa de España 1991
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The Art of Bel-Canto

“The foremost valuable path, to achieve a successful and distinctive voice, is determination.  It is essential to establish a positive and affective dialogue between the disciple and the vocal instructor. The anthology requires total surrender, discipline and sacrifice, especially in all human aspects”.

Jesús Quiñones Ledesma

(10/26/1933 – 3/19/2013)

From knowledge and experiences achieved during many years of studies, analyses, vocal and musical maturity, Jesús Quiñones Ledesma became a mentor and “maestro“ teaching many well established opera singers as well as young amateur vocal students understand the nature of the Old Italian style.  His teachings helped singers overcome any existing vocal problems; discover the uniqueness, beauty, flexibility and spontaneity of their voices, the proper way. 

Helping Expand his Legacy